“ I had worked for Frank King for over 8 years. I started out as his employee at Fusion3 SalonSpa, where he was my boss and mentor. He was a great educator and always helped me feel comfortable behind the chair and communicating with the salon’s guest. Together we worked on multitude of projects such as “A Night at the Ritz”, a fashion show benefiting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, we had worked in weddings and competed in several Aveda contests. Since then, we have also done many photo shoots in studio and on location throughout the years. I love working with King. He has taught me how to be professional even in an awkward situation such as my first boudoir photo shoot. We have fun working together and I can’t wait for our next project in the works.”

- Rachel Gilroy, Hair Stylist / Educator / Co-producer, A Reggae Production
“Since Frank is a dear friend, it was only natural that I wanted to have him photograph the most special day of my life - my wedding day. Even though we're friends, Frank was all professionalism and made sure every last detail was thought of.  I had so much fun posing for my pre-wedding portraits and had a blast working with him.  The photographs from our ceremony and reception were exquisite - I love looking at them all the time, as the detail and composition of each picture is so thoughtful and perfect.  I'm looking forward to having Frank take photos of all my special days to come!!”

- Ashley Mercier, Account Manager
“I servizi fotografici di Mr. King sono sempre divertenti. Mr. King è una sagoma e sa come mettere a proprio agio i suoi modelli. La sua personalità inoltre non manca di professionalità ed esperianza; lui non si limita solo a fotografare i propri soggetti, ma anche da loro un certo stile per otternete il meglio ad ogni scatto. Sa quello che vuole e lo ottiene facilmente.”

“I always have fun modeling for Mr. King.  He’s such a witty person and very professional.  With his years of experienced in his field, he knows how to make his models feel comfortable during a shoot.  Not only does Mr. King photographs, he also styles and positions his subjects to capture the best for each shot.  He has an eye for what he wants and easily gets it.”

- Michele Aceti, Model / Foreign Exchange Student
"It was such a pleasure working with Frank King.  He made me feel extremely comfortable, and helped me to create fabulous, sexy poses.  Frank’s talented team of hair stylists (including himself as a hairstylist/photographer) and make up artists made me up beyond my wildest dreams. Overall, it was a fun and amazing experience.  I would recommend Frank King Photography to all!"

- Christine Arnold, Model / Hair Stylist
“I just went through the wedding photos – three times! They are beautiful, creative and such a wonderful expression of how fun and love-filled that day was. Thank you so much for an excellent job!

And I was so touched by the photo of my grandmother and I.  It’s lovely and was such a special gift. Thank you.”

- Lori Bitter, President / Senior Strategist – The Business of Aging
“I had an amazing photo shoot with Frank.  I loved the fact that he was so punctual and enthusiastic about everything I needed.  He had so many good ideas, and each image was fantastic!  I loved how fun he was to work with, and how I knew I could trust that everything would come out perfectly.  I felt very comfortable the entire time, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.  I got everything I needed from the shoot, and I feel as though I am walking away with more shots to use than I had expected.  Thank you Frank!  I had a blast!”  

- Kenneth Scott, Model / Ballet and Modern Dancer
“Frank King was professional, patient, prompt, responsive and great to work with.  We asked Frank to take these photos to commemorate our two daughters’ entering college in the Fall of 2009.  He was creative in taking photos of our entire family, using various combinations while making everyone very comfortable during the photo shoot.  He was artistic while respectful of our various collective and individual preferences (there are four in our family).  The photos came out perfect and beautiful, worthy of the time and money spent and sure to be enjoyed by us and future generations.  We will be coming back to Frank for our milestone events.  We highly recommend Frank to families that would like to capture or commemorate a special moment in their lives.”

- Chris Davis, CPA / Litigation and Forensic Consultant
"I love love LOVED working with Frank King!  He's awesome with direction, and came into each shoot with some amazing ideas and a beautiful vision!  Not to mention he does hair! I would work with Frank again anytime, anywhere!"

- JessiK, Model
“Two things come to mind when I think of Frank King - an incredible passion for photography; and style. Frank is personable, kind, considerate and extremely hard working. He also has excellent taste in style and finished product. You'd be lucky to hire Frank to do your photography.”

- Guy Poole, Product Photographer (Colleague)
“Frank is a fantastic photographer and stylist. During our photoshoot with Grace Chow's designs, Frank was excellent at giving artistic directions to articulate his unique visions; he also did a fabulous job with my hair even though we were extremely pressed for time. In addition to his talent, his friendliness also puts everyone on the team at ease to perform their best. His finished work has a very polished quality and a distinct point of view that make them stand out. I would highly recommend Frank for any photography and styling work.”

- Jing Jenny Zhang, Model
"I am pleased to recommend Frank and his professional photography services. He was reliable, attentive, personable, and fun to work with. He has a wonderful personality, a discerning eye, and made it easy for me to relax throughout a long day of shooting. He delivered multiple looks for my business needs and I am very satisfied with the results!"

- Eileen Pardini, Consultant / Mediator / Earthkeeper
"I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Frank. We did a studio shoot together but I'm sure he would deliver the same quality work whatever your needs might be. He was able to bring his extensive modeling and photography experience to bear on each aspect of our session, from the initial brainstorming through the execution. His attention to detail, such as fixing an imperfect backdrop, was clutch. And Frank delightfully can't help but reveal his deep enthusiasm for the art, taking the many pictures and making the many readjustments needed to capture just the right shot."

- Pete Dillon, Model / Chemist and Environmental Consultant
“Frank is a well-rounded artist, stylist, photographer, and art director. It was a pleasure working with Frank to photoshoot my first collection of fashion design. It was a great learning experience for me because he constantly surprised me with new skills and ideas at the shoot. His artistic visions are creative, and he knows how to effectively communicate them to the models as well as the designer. He is a quick problem solver, a friendly professional with positive energy that anyone would love to work with. Frank King has my highest recommendation.”

- Grace Chow, Designer / Grace Chow Design
“Frank has an excellent attitude, is nothing but professional and has an exceptional eye for photography and design. He goes into work with positivity and direction. He is a pleasure to work with - and to learn from.”

- Eva Silverman, Graphic Designer / Owner, Pushcart Design
"Frank King is a very inspiring photographer and my experience working with him was phenomenal. He is very professional in the agenda of his shoots; setting up a beautiful set before my arrival and changing them while I was changing wardrobe. He had a quick turn around rate with his photos and communication was ALWAYS open. If given the opportunity, I would love to work with him again. Anyone who works with him will definitely not be disappointed."

- Jimaye Nguyen, Model
“It was such a pleasure to be photographed by you. I had a busy day and was tired, but you took good care of me, fixed my hair, and took the time to look. It was work for you but you turned it into something special (and even squeezed in a few extra with the hat). As my grandmother used to say, the proof is in the pudding. Wonderful pictures! Thank you!!!”

- Kathy Karn, Photographer (Colleague)
“Frank was a wonderful TA. He went above and beyond the organizational and technical aspects of the job, and taught students lighting as well as the more creative aspects of photography. He ran a tight ship, yet the atmosphere was warm and relaxed. Students loved working with him.”

- Diane Rosenblum, Photography Professor
“As a sports editor for Patch.com (an AOL company producing online local news) in the East Bay, I contracted Frank to shoot a range of sporting events, including high school basketball, wrestling, and football, for galleries to accompany articles. Many times, I contacted Frank on very short notice, the day of, or an hour before and Frank, without hesitation, jumped in his car and shot the game. He provided a selection of 50+ photos for each game, touched up, action shots to choose from directly after the games. His photos always drew readers to our site and led to more clicks. Frank’s dedication, drive, and excellence at his craft made him a valuable addition to our sports staff at Patch.com.”

- Adam Berke, Sports Writer and Editor
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